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Unter älteren Betriebssystemen überprüft das Tool, ob der verwendete Rechner, die Systemanforderungen für Windows 10 erfüllt. Suche nach: Suchen. Spielen Sie Vollbild. Hinweis: Hier ist nicht die Gesamtanzahl der Freispiele gemeint, die man durch mehrere Verlängerungen erhalten kann. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Diese Funktion ist optional, wenn Sie die Gamble-Funktion jedoch für einen Gewinn nutzen und verlieren, können Sie vielleicht als Lucky Loser doch noch einen Gewinn erzielen. Die Angabe bezieht sich auf die Mindestanzahl von Freispielen, die durch das Erscheinen von Scattern während des Basegames ausgelöst werden können.

Page layout shouldn't be cramped or require users to scroll or resize excessively. But don't make windows excessively large.

Larger windows make the task feel more complex and require additional movement for interaction. Use resizable windows for a wizard that can benefit from more screen space but doesn't require it.

Assign an appropriate minimum size. Resizable windows are helpful when pages require interacting with resizable content such as large list views.

Consider using dynamically sized wizards whose page size changes as needed for its content. Doing so allows a wizard to accommodate page layouts with a wide range of content.

Prefer static sizing over dynamic if users may perceive the changes as a lack of stability in their experience of the wizard. Visual stability often trumps accommodation of content.

Most wizards should adopt standard, static window sizes, with dynamic sizing reserved for special cases.

Prefer non-branching wizard design over branching. Non-branching wizards tend to be simpler, shorter, and easy to navigate.

Branching wizards make it more difficult for users to determine how many steps in the task, and where they are in the sequence.

If you must branch, help users orient themselves by using one of the following techniques:. Enumerate pages. A common technique is to indicate the user's location in the sequence on each page, such as with the phrase Step X of Y.

Ensure that the endpoint Y is stable. If it changes value, this undermines users' confidence. Make steps independent of pages, where each step may involve several pages.

For example, a travel service might employ wizard organization based on well-established e-commerce conventions for the industry.

Treat optional steps as persistent in the enumeration sequence. For example, if a branch is just skipping a few optional steps, just skip the steps in the feedback as well, rather than renumbering.

Thus if a user makes a choice on page 2 that results in making pages 3 and 4 optional, show steps 1, 2, 5, and 6 of 6. Don't renumber steps 5 and 6.

If the wizard employs a single branch, and the branch happens early in the task, start the sequence at that point, and then simply use the non-branching approach.

That is, beginning at the point of the branch, progress in sequence to the end of the branch. If you must branch, limit the number of branches to one or two within a single wizard.

Never include more than one branch within a branch a "nested" branch. Focus on efficient decision making. Reduce the number of pages to focus on essentials.

Consolidate related pages, and take optional pages out of the main flow. Having users click Next completely through your wizard may seem like a good experience at first, but if users never need to change the defaults, the pages are probably unnecessary.

Design each page to have a single purpose and visual consistency. For more information, see Page integrity.

Don't use Welcome pages—make the first page functional whenever possible. Use an optional Getting Started page only when:.

Modern wizards opt for functional first pages. Here there is nothing to do but click Next. Why force users to pay this token tax on their valuable time?

On pages in which users are asked to make choices, optimize for the most likely cases. These types of pages should present actual choices, not just instructions.

Use Commit pages to make it clear when users are committing to the task. Usually the Commit page is the last page of choices, and the Next button is relabeled to indicate the task being committed.

Use Progress pages to show the status of a lengthy operation. Upon successful completion, the progress page should advance to the next step automatically.

It should stay on the progress page only if there is a problem the user needs to see. Clicking Back to a progress page should have no side effect.

Don't use Congratulations pages that do nothing but end the wizard. If the wizard results are clearly apparent to users, just close the wizard on the final commit button.

Use Summary pages only if input is complex and users need to review, if the task involves significant risk such as a financial transition , or if the wizard will take action based on user input that isn't obvious to build trust through transparency.

Often, summary pages don't meet this relevancy bar, and can be omitted. Use error pages if the wizard can't be completed due to a problem from which recovery isn't possible.

On this page, explain what the problem is in clear language, free of technical jargon users won't understand. Also provide practical steps users can take to solve the problem.

For more guidelines, see Error Messages. Do include text on the Next button. Use specific commit button labels that make sense on their own and are a response to the main instruction.

Ideally users shouldn't have to read anything else to understand the label. Users are far more likely to read command button labels than static text.

If possible, don't use the word Finish for the commit button label, because there is usually a better, more specific commit button:. If clicking the button commits to the task so the task hasn't already been performed , use a specific label that starts with a verb that is a response to the main instruction examples: Print, Connect, Start.

Skip to main content. Contents Exit focus mode. Wizards are used to perform multi-step tasks. Multiple steps of a wizard are presented as a sequence of pages.

Wizards typically include the following types of pages: Choice pages are used to gather information and allow users to make choices.

The Commit page is used to perform an action that cannot be undone by clicking Back or Cancel. The Progress page is used to show the progress of a lengthy operation.

Note that the title bar also includes an icon to identify it on the taskbar. A main instruction to explain the user's objective with the page. A content area with optional text and possibly other controls.

A command area with at least one commit button to commit to the task or proceed to the next step. Is this the right user interface? However, effective wizards have additional requirements: Does the wizard perform a single, atomic task?

Correct: The Microsoft PowerPoint Print options dialog box contains many user input options, so you could present them in a wizard. Design concepts Overuse of wizards Historically, wizards differed from ordinary UI in that they were designed to help users perform especially complex tasks with steps residing in disparate locations and often had built-in intelligence to help users succeed.

Wizards do have appropriate functions Wizards are one of the keys to simplifying the user experience. Connecting to a network is a typical task in Windows appropriate for a wizard.

Wizard length Design questions naturally arise around the number and organization of pages and options. For example: Is there an optimal number of pages for a wizard?

Or at least a desirable range? Should the wizard be concise and streamlined, so users can complete it as quickly as possible?

Should there be more pages that require fewer choices? Or fewer pages with more complexity? Which design is considered more usable?

Can you engineer faster wizard experiences by applying UI conventions such as tabbed pages? Correct: This task has so few options that presenting it as a wizard would be wasteful.

Correct: This wizard page is well-designed for end users because it reduces a potentially complex subject to a simple, logical binary choice: either install or uninstall.

Correct: In the setup wizard for Microsoft SQL Server , page design is busier and the numerous choices require more thought, but the target audience is database administrators who expect tight control of feature selection.

Branching For longer wizards, you may need to create branches of the task flow in which the sequence of pages may differ according to the user input provided "upstream.

Providing a navigation guide Navigation guides can be useful when there are many steps in the task, and users may lose their place in the sequence, or simply want to know how much longer it will take to complete.

With this type of guide: Previously viewed pages can always be viewed directly. Future pages may not be viewed if they have prerequisites.

Pages that can be visited should be visibly distinguished from those that can't such as by using links that are active or disabled , along with pages that are required or optional.

Page integrity Wizard design involves not only decisions pertaining to the entire task flow, like how to handle navigation and the branching experience, but also those pertaining to the individual pages that make up the wizard.

Incorrect: With three tabs of fairly dense user input required, this wizard page is trying to accomplish too much.

Finding the right level of communication Users have a low tolerance for reading big blocks of text on screen, and even less so within a UI surface whose express purpose is to move expeditiously through a task.

Before: After: The edited version of this wizard page provides a task-oriented main instruction, removes the unnecessary explanatory paragraph beneath the main instruction, and revises the check box label to clarify the check box's purpose.

If you do only three things Guidelines General Consider lightweight alternatives first, such as dialog boxes, task panes, or single pages. Correct: In this example, Windows Network Diagnostics consists of progress and results pages.

Window size Choose a window size that can display all the wizard pages without vertical or horizontal page scrolling. Correct: Better: In this example, resizing the window helps users see the full list.

Wizard length Make your wizard as concise and streamlined as possible. Get rid of unnecessary options and questions, and use smart defaults, to reduce the number of pages required for user input.

Exception: IT professionals and other technical users have a higher tolerance for longer wizards and detailed input requirements.

Make your wizard a minimum of two pages. A one-page wizard should be redesigned as a dialog box instead. Don't reduce the wizard's page count simply by increasing the complexity of each page.

For example, a wizard page that includes three tabs requiring user input should be redesigned as three separate pages.

Don't increase the wizard's page count by making each page so simple that users mindlessly click Next through the whole sequence. This is a common wizard design flaw.

If a wizard page does not require at least some degree of thought, it probably doesn't need to be in the wizard at all.

Branching Prefer non-branching wizard design over branching. If you must branch, help users orient themselves by using one of the following techniques: Enumerate pages.

Include the notion of sub-steps such as Step 2a of 6. Correct: Logical labels can provide adequate orientation for users of a branching wizard.

Commit buttons When users are committing to a task, use a commit button that is a specific response to the main instruction for example, Print, Connect, or Start.

Don't use generic labels like Next which doesn't imply commitment or Finish which isn't specific for committing a task.

The labels on these commit buttons should make sense on their own. Always start commit button labels with a verb.

Use Finish to change a specific setting or a collection of settings. A single wizard can have multiple commit points, but a single point is preferred.

If necessary, you can rename or hide commit buttons on a page. This flexibility is one advantage of new wizard design in Windows that was not available in older wizards.

Note that hiding a commit button is different from disabling it. Avoid disabling a positive commit button. Otherwise users have to deduce why the commit buttons are disabled.

It's better to leave commit buttons enabled, and give a helpful error message whenever a problem arises. Disabling the button is only acceptable if the reason for doing so is obvious and unambiguous.

Don't confuse navigational buttons Next and Back with commit buttons. Next means to progress in the wizard without commitment; Back should always be available on the next page, and clicking Back should undo the effect of the last Next button.

If that's not possible, users are making a commitment, and that is indicated through a specific label on the commit button. For more guidelines about the Next and Back buttons, see Navigation.

Cancel buttons Don't ask users to confirm whether they really intend to cancel. Doing so can be annoying. Exceptions: The action has significant consequences and, if incorrect, is not readily fixable.

The action may result in a significant loss of the user's time or effort. The action is clearly inconsistent with other actions. Allow users to restart wizards in case they have cancelled by mistake.

Don't disable the Cancel button. Exceptions: If cancelling is harmful, which might be the case when doing a task in self-contained wizards.

If cancelling is impossible, which might be the case when the wizard doesn't have control over all steps. Don't use Cancel, because closing the window won't abandon any changes or actions done at this point.

Don't use Done, because it isn't an imperative verb. Once the task has been performed, Cancel should become Close for self-contained wizards.

The effect of Close is simply to close the window. Other controls Use command links only for choices, not commitments. Specific commit buttons indicate commitment far better than command links in a wizard.

When using command links, hide the Next button, but leave the Cancel button. Using pages vs. Users expect wizards to be page-based. Use dialog boxes to assist in completing pages, such as with object pickers and browsers.

Use dialog boxes to give error messages that apply to the whole page, and result from clicking a commit button. Use inline presentation for simple dynamic behaviors, such as progressive disclosure and contextual UI.

Use inline presentation for error messages that apply to specific controls. Wizard pages Focus on efficient decision making.

Use an optional Getting Started page only when: The wizard has prerequisites that are necessary to complete the wizard successfully.

Users may not understand the purpose of the wizard based on its first Choice page, and there isn't room for further explanation.

The main instruction for Getting Started pages is "Before you begin:". Incorrect: Modern wizards opt for functional first pages. If you don't use a Getting Started page, explain the purpose of the wizard at the top of the first page of choices.

Don't use Summary pages that merely summarize the user's previous selections, unless the task is risky involving security, or loss of time or money or there is a good chance that users need to review their selections.

Use a single, determinate progress bar. Follow the determinate progress bar guidelines , including: Clearly indicate completion.

Don't let a progress bar go to percent unless the operation has completed. Don't restart progress. A progress bar loses its value if it restarts perhaps because a step in the operation completes because users have no way of knowing when the operation will complete.

Instead, have all the steps in the operation share a portion of the progress and have the progress bar go to completion once. Provide a concise description of the current step above the progress bar.

For quick operations, such text is unnecessary; the progress bar alone is sufficient. For operations requiring a minute or longer, text can be helpful.

Use sentence fragments, typically beginning with a verb, and ending with an ellipsis. Examples: Copying files Place text above the bar, not below.

Incorrect: In this example, the explanatory text should appear above the progress bar. Refrain from cluttering the progress page with unnecessary details.

This page isn't for technical support; it's for users. Use Follow-Up pages when there are related tasks that users are likely to perform as follow-up.

Avoid familiar follow-up tasks, such as "Send an e-mail message. The Wizards, who came into this game already eliminated from playoff contention, dropped to since the NBA restarted the season.

Coach Scott Brooks said he thought the Wizards took a step back over the first 10 minutes before competing the rest of the game. Isaac Bonga scored 14 points, Troy Brown Jr.

The Thunder opened with Muscala hitting back-to-back 3s as part of a quick lead as the Wizards missed their first seven shots. Oklahoma City led after the first quarter and at halftime.

Oklahoma City just kept pushing the lead to as much as 22 when Muscala hit a 3-pointer with left for a lead. Thunder: Matched a season high with 18 made 3-pointers, shooting of for They also made 18 3s against Miami on Jan.

Muscala played after missing the last two games in the concussion protocol. Combined with playing a team that has yet to win inside the bubble could have been an issue for the Thunder.

Plus, the state of college athletics. Isaac Bonga scored 14 points, Troy Brown Jr. If so, consider a dialog box or tabbed dialog box. Chris Paul had 13 points and nine assists, and Hamidou Diallo finished with Top Games To Play Online points for the Thunder. Navigation Use Next only when advancing to the next page without commitment. Users don't expect to have to re-enter changes Buffet Flamingo Las Vegas they explicitly chose to clear them. Dorf Leben Spiele Kostenlos length Design questions naturally arise around the number and organization of pages and options. Wizards that have Progress pages must use a Completion Wizards Win or Follow-Up page to indicate task completion.

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